Safety   ♦   Standard Operating Procedures   ♦   Hazardous Chemicals Description and Symbols   ♦   Action Plans, Manuals and Checklists


The Cook Lab follows the UC Davis Safety Standards and Regulations.  Please review the following safety pages (top of page navigation links) for information on hazardous chemical descriptions and symbols, action plans, manuals, checklists, and standard operating procedures which include information on hazardous chemicals, chemical classification, personal safety, proper protective equipment, special handling requirements, and proper disposal.  

In the event of an emergency, please contact:

Varma Penmetsa, Mobile: 916-502-5474
Douglas Cook, Mobile: 530-304-0759

Important Links and Contact Information

To schedule laboratory safety orientation training, contact
Noelia Carrasquilla-Garcia
Assistant Project Scientist
telephone number
To schedule greenhouse safety orientation training, contact
Ronald Lane 
Principal Agricultural Superintendent 
(530) 752-0397
 For general safety information, contact
Andrew Ross
Department Safety Coordinator
(530) 752-2592